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Cracking the Bestseller Code: Learn a UK Book Marketing Expert’s Strategies



British Book Marketing

As soon as you hit the ‘Publish’ button, you feel like your role is done!

Ah, that ‘top of the world’ feeling.

And you sleep peacefully expecting media and journalists to stand out of your home the next day to interview about the bestseller you wrote.

But the next day, when you wake up and excitedly log in to see the response, disappointment pricks into your soul. There are no or very few views/buyers on your books. Your spirits are dampened. You feel frustrated and wish to give up.

Right? Every author faces that. That’s because writing & editing are just half of the equation. Right book marketing tactics are important to incorporate in order to get your book discovered, read and ranked.

However, authentic book marketing isn’t a child’s play. It needs expertise, experience and professional knowledge to actually get everything right. This blog aims to reveal the bestseller code to market the books. We know the internet is full of strategies, tricks and tips. But this blog isn’t going to just cluster up information. Rather, we have gathered strategies from book marketing experts – so you know, it’s coming from cracker jacks of this field.

Let’s get started:

5 Best Book Marketing Strategies Revealed

Don’t Wait Till You Windup Writing

‘I haven’t completed my book’ might be the first thought while reading this.

But here’s the deal – building up the audience’s interest and creating hype in the marketplace takes plenty of time. Before you wind up writing your next bestseller, it’s a great idea to connect with potential readers. So, on the day of launch, you’ll have several buyers anxiously writing to make the purchase. Instant purchases help one to jump into the top rankings of Amazon and other search engines.

How to do it?

Make a social media account and connect with the relevant audience. Let the people know there’s a manuscript under process for them. You can share snippets of what you have written – but do not over-reveal that.

However, if you have already ushered the procedure of writing but didn’t market the book, its fine! It’s never too late to take the first step. Set up the social media account and let the people know what they are missing out on.

Keep An Eye On Competitors

Yes, you might be writing a best-in-class book with out of out-of-ordinary storyline or concept, expecting to stand alone and have no competition. But sadly, competition exists, always. That’s what teams of top-notch UK Book Marketing Expert also agree with.

However, no worries! You just need to keep an eye on what your competitor is up to. By seeing what they are doing, you can easily prepare a better, smarter and more effective strategy to stand out. For instance, you have written a book for new moms. You need to look at what similar authors are doing and how their social media is being managed, try to look at what they lack, and you can also navigate through their website to gather more insights.

Using the collected data, you can develop your strategy and leave your competitor dusting.

Write A Valuable Book

Óh, that’s pretty obvious!’

This might be obvious enough, but it still holds enough importance to be discussed. You need to realise that book reading requires an investment of one’s valuable time. It’s a long-term commitment. Book reading takes much longer than watching a movie. Therefore, as an author, you must prove your book’s worth and make it appear valuable.

Along with ensuring out-class concept and storyline, it is important to make your manuscript error-free. At times, authors rush to publish their books and miss out on proofreading their books. As a result, they receive a major backlash from their audience.

It is advised to hire a genre-specialist book for proofreading and editing purposes.

Appealing Book Cover

We have been told our entire lives that ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.

But the harsh reality is that everyone judges a book by its cover. Due to the emerging number of authors, the need for professional Book Cover Designers in London has also increased.

Humans are naturally drawn to things that appeal to their minds. This is the reason why book covers are important. They are an important part of marketing.

A perfectly designed book cover is a combo of aesthetic artwork that expresses the genre and teases the audience by revealing tidbits of the story. The colors, font, subject placement and other elements combine together to make a quality cover. If a cover successfully generates curiosity, the sales tend to hit the rooftop.

Outsourcing the job would be the best call if you are not a designer.

Brand Identity  

Well, this might connect with the first point i.e. marketing, but here’s a better detailed overview.

Branding is important. You need to hold a robust digital presence in order to gain followership (and they can be latter turned into buyers). You need to acknowledge that building authority is a time-consuming process (and can be hard at times).

But once you have established your branding and authority, it is surely going to influence your sales. To hold strong branding, a functional website, press kit, social media accounts and presence on platforms like Amazon is significant. As the attention spans worldwide are shortening, you need to strive to stand out. Branding is one thing that can help you with catching attention in the shortest span possible.

Parting It Short

The importance of book marketing is undeniable. And the reality is becoming a book marketing expert isn’t something that can happen over a few cups of coffee. If you have huge aspirations, mastering book marketing should be your call. Join free workshops and enroll for online free courses to ace the zone. By doing so, you’ll be able to bring your manuscript to the list of top sellers, garner maximum reputation and make huge sales (even overnight).

Let us know what are your plans to ace book marketing?

Tell us about your strategies for achieving success with book marketing!

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